One of the greatest pleasures of running The Inertia is featuring amazing photographers from around the globe and sharing their work with you. From industry veterans who've cut their teeth in some of the best locations on the planet to up-and-coming shutterbugs who demonstrate telling promise, we're floored by the amount of talent behind the lens.

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To that end, we've chosen 11 of the most talented young guns in the surf photography world to watch as they emerge in the coming years. We reached out to them and asked them a few simple questions about who inspires them and what makes them different from their peers. Their answers were inspiring – so inspiring, in fact, that we want you to read them in order to gain insight into what makes these burgeoning talents so good at what they do. As you browse through their images, check the captions beneath.

Enjoy their work. You'll be seeing it for years to come.

Life is better in the slow lane. Photo: Christian McLeod

"It's funny how small of a role the wave itself can play in surfing." Photo: Christian McLeod

"Speed blurs capture so much motion. In longboarding in particular, there is more body movement to convey." Photo: Paul Greene

"The walk out after a long day can be one of the most satisfying parts of surfing." Photo: Paul Greene

Spring Lake, New Jersey, 2011. "One of the better swells of that winter. These perfect peaks pushed down the beach, just breaking with no one really out, so I turned around and climbed up onto the nearest jetty and shot north instead of the all star session in front of me. Lucky I did 'cause I snapped this snow covered lineup." Photo: Ryan Mack

"Tommy Ihnken walking back up a snow covered beach after a fun three hour session at one of the local beaches. The snow on the beach gave for a hard contrast with the setting sun in the background peeking through the rocks. Winters here get cold; this day was a windchill of -4... coldest of the year." Photo: Ryan Mack

Blurred lines of swell in the Pacific Northwest. Photo: Nick Liotta

Summertime solitude is a rarity in Southern California. Photo: Nick Liotta

"This was one of my first barrel photos I took in the water. I think every time you accomplish something, you're more confident the next time around, and I think that every small success in life will give you more ambition to do other things." Photo: Mike Incitti

"There is a core of corporate surf junkies in New York who max out their 'sick days' every winter for the entire year. They gladly deal with the flat summer months and hard work ahead with the satisfaction of knowing that they were in the right place at the right time in New Jersey." Photo: Mike Incitti

"Golden mornings feed the soul, big swells feed the stoke. I don't think anyone has to explain that to this guy." Photo: Maxx Buchanan

Yadin Nicol doesn't need a pilot's license to fly. Photo: Maxx Buchanan

Pat Schmidt enjoying his time at home. Photo: Jeremy Hall

Conor DeCastro preparing for a cold one. Water in the 30's, air below zero. Photo: Jeremy Hall

Tristan Guilbaud, Maldives. "The light here is almost perfect for this type of shot." Photo: Photo: Grégoire Gyselinck

"French sunrise, probably my favorite moment of the day." Photo: Grégoire Gyselinck

Pat standing tall in a clean Off the Wall set. Photo: Gage Hingeley

Victim of the sea. Makapu'u, Oahu. Photo: Gage Hingeley

Dave, Chad, and Cam, on their daily commute, early one chilly winter morning. Photo: Alex Swanson

"We had a brief window of a combo swell accompanied by warm, offshore winds. I tried to take the most of that opportunity." Photo: Alex Swanson

Claimed by the sea. Your personal connection to the ocean is strengthened by being alone with it. Photo: Colin Nearman

"Light offshore winds and midwinter mayhem. The theme around home seems to be finding beauty in unexpected places." Photo: Colin Nearman

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This post is republished from The Inertia in partnership with Federated Media and smartwater.

Splash photo credit: Colin Nearman

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